Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

Three Locations Throughout Your Home To Consider Installing A Fire Door

Fire doors are doors rated to withstand the advance of a fire through your home for a certain amount of time before collapsing. While fire doors are generally more expensive to purchase, repair, and maintain than traditional doors, the extra protection they offer is well worth it. If you're thinking of installing a fire door in your home, the following three locations should be prioritized.

Door Out Of Your Kitchen

A relatively large amount of residential fires start in kitchens as a result of cooking mistakes. For homes that connect a kitchen and living room with a traditional door, a fire door replacement will be extremely effective at slowing the growth of a kitchen fire.

But even if you have an open kitchen with no solid doors, it can be worth it to expand an open frame and add hinges to it in preparation for a fire door installation. It all depends on how much time and money you're willing to sacrifice in the name of added security.

Door Connecting Basement To Ground Floor

A fire in your basement won't usually lead to injuries if everyone gets out of the home in an orderly fashion. However, the time it takes for the fire department to arrive could mean a significant amount of property damage as the fire slowly creeps upward towards your ground floor.

A fire door shutting off your basement is especially good because it protects such a large area of your home. Since common hazards like faulty dryer systems are usually stored in basements, this fire door location is often your best option if you only want to pay for a single installation.

Door Leading From Garage To Rest Of Your Home

Another common place where residential fires occur is in garages. The wide variety of often flammable equipment commonly stored in garages next to automobiles is the cause of this elevated risk.

Unlike with kitchens, it's rare for there to be more than one door leading from a garage to the interior of a home. Therefore, a fire door installed here will go a long way toward making your home much more fire resistant.

There's no reason to be intimidated with all of the possible areas that you can install a fire door. Even if you don't want to fill your home completely with fire doors, it's not too hard to pick out one or two strategic locations to increase your fire protection as much as possible.

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