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3 Tips To Protect Your Children From Burns In The Bathroom

When one thinks of a child being burned, they typically think of kitchen burns. Perhaps a child grabbed a hot pan off the stove or touched the hot oven. Unfortunately, many children are severely scalded due to hot water burns that occurred in the bathroom. Some even happen when a parent is standing right next to the child. Here are some typical burns that are bathroom related and how to avoid them.

1. Running Too Hot Water in the Bathtub 

You might turn on the bathtub faucet and let it fill up only to discover there is steam coming off once it's filled. Your child turns on the faucet using the hot instead of the cold and then sticks her hands under scalding hot water. Children have thinner skin than adults, so what's just a little hot to adults could be a potential burn to a child.

Water that is too hot is one of the easiest problems to avoid. All hot water heaters have a programmable temperature gauge on them. The temperature on your hot water heater should be between 100-120°F to avoid burns. Your certified plumber, like those at Absolutely Clear Sewers & Plumbing Service, can install a mixing valve or tempering valve to ensure the temperature is controlled before leaving the faucet. 

Other ways to control temperature is to start baths with cold water first and then mix in hot water. Test the water with your more sensitive elbow instead of your hand. Supervise younger child throughout their bath. Watch your children in the bath and make sure they aren't playing with the faucet and adding too much hot water. 

2. Curling Irons and Hair Straighteners 

Many women use curling irons and hair straighteners on themselves and their children. Extreme care should be taken to make sure you have a firm grip on these appliances, so they are not dropped onto children's arms or in their laps. It is very important to keep these appliances out of a child's reach. 

Also, remember the cool down period. These appliances stay hot after unplugging and should be placed in a safe spot until they cool down completely. Avoid hanging them on towel bars as a child can grab the cord, and it can fall on top of them. 

3. Outlets

If you are concerned with your child getting too close to an outlet, be sure to place child safety outlet covers in the bathroom as well as throughout your home. Most outlets in bathrooms are high up, so parents don't think their child will be able to reach them. However, a determined child knows how to find a chair, a step stool, or even a toy wagon to stand on to reach something that they find interesting. This can prevent electrical burns. 

Child safety is very important. Protect your children from these three common bathroom burn incidences. 

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