Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

Sky Blue Or Ocean Green: How The Right Color Transforms Your Outdoor Pool

A swimming pool is a a real statement to the neighbors, so many pool owners take a lot of time making sure everything looks just right. Water color is one of the factors that people focus on when building or remodeling a pool. The right water color can really change the ambiance of your back yard.

Sky Blue

A bright blue finish is the classic pool color. It isn't a natural color, but it shows that the water is clean and cool. Sky blue gives the impression that you'll be refreshed after a swim.

A sky blue finish is a great for children who are afraid of deep water. This color allows you to see the bottom of the pool and works best with shallower waters. This color is also ideal for very landscaped, modern back yards and pools with cement, ceramic, or wood along the edges. Rectangular pools work well with this color.

A gray, white, blue, or black finish is used to achieve this look, depending on the amount of light you have in your yard. The more natural light there is, the brighter your water will be.

Ocean Green

Ocean green pool water might not seem as clean as sky blue, but this is the most natural look of water. Whereas a brighter blue signal refreshment, ocean green will appear calm and relaxing.

An ocean green pool is perfect for those who want an exotic, sophisticated look for their back yard. It's hard to imagine kids splashing around in one. Back yards with lots of trees and flowers work best with this color. Around your pool, consider natural rocks, dark wood, and cascading waterfalls. Rounder pools also add to the natural look of the water.

A brown, tan, red, or green finish can be used to achieve this look. Sunlight and moving water will make the water come alive. Shade doesn't affect the color as much, so areas with too much direct sunlight can benefit.

Other Factors

Depending on the environment of your back yard, the depth and shape of your pool, and the movement of your water, the color of your pool can change slightly throughout the day. If you want more control over the water color, consider adding colored lights to the bottom and sides. Dyes can work too, and are great for parties, but aren't a permanent solution to finding your perfect blue. Talk to a professional like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. for more information.

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