Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

A Noisy Entrance: Dealing With Loud Garage Doors

If you've noticed your garage door is making squeaking sounds or other loud noises, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Just like anything we use that has moving parts, a garage door needs to be properly maintained to ensure it is working properly and that it won't make any noise when you open or close it. Before you call in a professional, you may want to try a few troubleshooting methods first to determine the cause of the noise and how to fix it.

Checking the Track

If you're hearing a creaking or rattling sound, the problem with your garage door could be in the track. Using a step ladder, take a look inside the tracks and see if you notice any rusting or even if anything is broken. Sometimes, the drive chain can become a bit loose over time causing slack, which can explain the rattling sound. It may also be rusted, so try applying some lubricant first to see if this remedies the problem. If you notice a visible problem with the drive chain, it's best to replace it in order to avoid the door breaking or falling down onto your car.

Loose Parts

Over time, small parts like nuts, bolts, and hinges can loosen, which can cause your garage door to be noisy. Check all of your connecting hinges and tighten them up. Most garage doors utilize springs to help them open and close, so take a look at those as well. If they're rusty, broken, or stretched, it is probably time to have the springs replaced. Or, you can purchase a special kit that is made to help lubricate the springs, which may help alleviate the noise. Do an overview of all moving parts and make sure everything is secure and tight.

Noise Reduction

You can do something about your noisy garage door that may help to minimize the loudness. Rubber pads can be installed between the motor mounts and the ceiling that can help to absorb excess noise. Simple pieces of rubber that can be found at most hardware stores should suffice. The rubber does not have to be excessively thick. Strips of about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thick should work well at helping to reduce the noise caused by some of the friction between the motor and the ceiling of your garage. While this method won't eliminate noise completely, it is very effective at reducing it.

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