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3 Must-Have Swimming Pool Supplies

As a swimming pool owner, there are some very important tools that you will need to be sure that you are always getting the most out of your pool. These swimming pool supplies are necessary for anybody wanting to protect the investment of their pool, while always maximizing the efficiency. With this in mind, read this guide so that you can acquire the ideal set of swimming pool supplies that you need. 

#1: Get Your Hands On The Right Types Of Chlorine

Since you need to keep your pool clean and properly disinfected, it is very important to use the right types of chlorine for the job. For instance, 3-inch tablets will allow you to get the dispersion of the chemical that you need, though it will take a bit longer to dissolve. Using 1-inch tablets will allow you to get a quicker dispersion of the chlorine, but are most ideally used for smaller in ground pools or above ground pools. You can spend a little bit more money for granular chlorine for a quick dissolve that can be used for any type of pool that you own. 

#2: Acquire A Quality Set Of pH Strips 

When you need to be sure that your water's pH is in even, you'll need to test the water on a frequent basis. The most ideal way to do this is to acquire some quality pH strips that you can use frequently, in order to get accurate readings of your water's pH levels. These strips are usually color coded and will allow you to always know that your water is suitable. Providing these frequent tests will give you the peace of mind you need, while avoiding any instances of skin irritation. 

#3: Clean The Pool Floor With A Vacuum Hose

While a pool cleaning net will allow you to get rid of debris at the top and middle portions of the pool, you'll need to go much deeper in order to grab debris at the very bottom of the pool. A vacuum hose will allow you to do this quickly and efficiently, no matter how deep your pool is. By having such a hose handy, you'll also prevent build up and the development of algae at the bottom of the pool, without having to empty it or cycle the water. 

Take this guide into consideration and acquire these swimming pool supplies for the best maintenance. 

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