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Two Important Questions About Roof Coatings You May Want Answered

Roof maintenance may be one of the duller aspects of owning a home, but it is by far one of the more important ones. Unfortunately, there are many new homeowners that have a very limited understanding of this part of owning a house. These people may not fully appreciate the benefits of applying a protective coating to the roof. Fortunately, learning the following two answers to routine questions will help you to understand this aspect of preventative roof maintenance. 

Why Would You Want Your Roof Coated?

One of the primary benefits of having your roof coated is that it will help to reflect much of the sun's energy away from your home. In the process, this will improve the energy efficiency of your home because it will prevent much of the convective heating that can cause the interior temperature of your home to increase. Also, the solar rays that strike the roof can start to break down the roofing materials, but the coating will reflect these rays before they are able to cause this type of damage. 

While reducing convective heating can be an excellent benefit of coating your roof, it is far from the only reason to do this. This coating will also provide another benefit to your home because it will help to prevent moisture from seeping into the roof. 

How Is A Roof Prepared For A Coating?

Before a new coating can be applied to the roof, it is important for you to properly prepare the roof. The exact steps for this process will depend on the material used in the construction of your roof. For wooden roofs, it will be necessary to sand the roof down to make sure that any finishing that was on it is removed because these substances will prevent the roof coating from successfully bonding. Metal roofs require very little preparation outside of a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. 

Shingles are among the most common option for roofing, and they also require a very low amount of preparation. Generally, the shingles will need to be thoroughly inspected to ensure there is no damage that can compromise the protection from the sealant. As long as no damage is found, the shingles will only need to be cleaned before the coating is applied, but if damaged shingles are present, they must be replaced before this work can continue. 

If you are wanting to protect your roof from the hazards of sunlight and rain, a protective coating, applied by a company like Stetson Painting, may be the best option available. By understanding the energy saving benefits this can provide you and the preparation steps for various roofing types, you will find yourself better able to effectively consider whether this upgrade is right for your home's roof.

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