Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Tiny House's Bathroom

With the tiny house movement in full swing, manufacturers are clamoring to produce bathroom fixture options that not only fit, but look sensational as well. Shrunken sinks, toilets, tubs and showers all have helped people realize their dream of living in a tiny house, which is typically smaller than 400 square feet. What's more, these products have mass appeal because they aren't necessarily reserved for tiny houses. Those who live in small houses or have a cramped bathroom space can make their bathroom feel and appear larger just by purchasing the right fixtures. Following are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your miniature bathroom. 

Choose Fixtures That Fit The Space

Always look for fixtures that fit the space so you won't end up feeling claustrophobic in your new bathroom. For example, pedestal sinks offer a lot of function and style without taking up a lot of space. There are also mounted sinks and low-profile sinks, which stick out from the wall a mere few inches. If you have to have a tub and shower combo, you may want to think about a half-sized tub as well that will allow you to bathe children and pets but won't take up a great deal of space.

Look for Unique Storage Options

In a tiny bathroom, traditional storage options usually don't work well, so you have to think outside the box and look for unique ways to store your stuff. To do so, you have to use space that you wouldn't otherwise use. For example, a kitchen pot rack may allow you to store items overhead so they won't be in your way. Wall storage, such as shelves, hanging baskets and wall-mounted vases, are also an option. Additionally, it's a great idea to incorporate a small storage nook anywhere that you can. 

Make it Feel Glamorous with High-End Finishes

Small spaces can feel glamorous and high-end if you choose the right finishes. What's more, purchasing expensive materials for a tiny space is very affordable because you don't have to purchase as much. Splurge on finishes, such as marble flooring or pearl-inset tiles, to make your small space feel luxurious. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can make a small bathroom work without sacrificing function or style. The key is to choose products that are designed for small spaces and to look for unique storage solutions. If you finish it all up with high-end materials, you will have a tiny bathroom that's larger than life. For more information and options, visit a bathroom remodeling company like Two by Four Construction LLC.

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Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

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