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What to Look for When Hiring a Crane Operator

Making sure your construction equipment is used effectively and safely is important for any construction firm. Crane operators require special experience and training, and you'll want to ensure that the job candidate you hire has the correct qualifications for the job. Here are just a few things you should look for when hiring a crane operator.

On-the-Job Training

Crane operators get much of their experience through on-the-job training or apprenticeships. As you interview candidates, ask about previous experience, including any relevant information about large projects the applicant has worked on. Ask about specific challenges he or she has faced and how they were overcome to successfully complete the crane operation part of the project. Your ideal candidate should be able to speak in specific terms about the types of cranes used on a job site.


Certification is required for operators of most crane types weighing 2,000 pounds or more. While you can undertake the cost to have a candidate take the certification test, choosing a candidate who is already certified ensures that your new crane operator has the knowledge to safely operate your expensive equipment. Look for a candidate who has been certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, The Crane Certification Institute or a similar organization that is concerned with safety and compliance as it pertains to cranes.

Varied Experience

There are many different types of cranes, and having a crane operator who is knowledgeable enough to operate many different types of machines can be a huge benefit for your business. Look for a candidate who can demonstrate a working knowledge of at least three types of cranes, such as these:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Sidelifter cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Tower cranes

Of course, if your construction firm works on a specific type of project, such as railroad construction or oil rig construction, you'll want to make sure your crane operator has experience with your specialized type of crane equipment.

Medical Fitness to Operate a Crane

Crane operators must meet certain health requirements in order to handle this type of heavy machinery. Your ideal candidate should not have a history of seizures or any other medical conditions that might cause difficulty in safely operating machinery. The applicant should meet specific hearing and vision requirements, and he or she should have the strength and agility to operate the equipment. You should consider making a drug test part of the application process to ensure your candidate doesn't have any dependency issues that could cause an accident on your work site.

Hiring the right candidate for your crane operator position will ensure that your projects are completed with the utmost concern for quality and safety. Use this list to help narrow down the field of applicants so you can find the best person for the job. Get in touch with a company like Cook Crane Corp to find a crane operator for your construction needs.

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