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How The Granite Countertop Installation Process Works

If you want to upgrade your kitchen and install new granite kitchen countertops, you need to know how the process works so that you understand how long it will take and what you are going to need to do throughout the process.

Choose A Granite Installation Company

The first thing you will need to do is fine a granite fabrication shop that you want to work with and that you want to install your countertops. If you are working with a contractor to remodel your kitchen, they may already have a granite company that they work with on a regular basis. 

Create A Template Of Your Countertops

After you choose a granite installation company, they will come to your house and create a template of your countertops. This template will be very precise, and will take into account every angle and turn that your countertop is going to need to fit in place.

This template will later be used to cut down the granite that you chose for your countertops down to size. 

Choose The Stone

Once a template has been created, you need to choose which stone you want. Granite is naturally occurring, which means that no two slabs are going to be identical. Don't base your choose on the samples of granite; go down to the shop and pick the actual slabs that you want cut down for your countertop. 

You can even let the fabrication shop know exactly which part of the slab you want where. For example, if you will be having an island installed, as well as side countertops, you may want a particular design and part of the slab for the island. You can let your fabrication shop know exactly how you want each piece cut if you go down and inspect the slab instead of just choosing a general color and style of granite, and letting the shop make the rest of the choices for you.

Preparing For Installation

In order to prepare for the installation, you will need to clear off your countertops so that the current countertops can be removed. 

You may also need to remove your appliances and your sinks for the installation process. Depending on the agreement you draw up with your contractor or granite installer, you may be responsible for this step or you can work it into their contracts instead.

Installation Process

The actual installation process should go pretty quickly. The countertops will be pre-cut at the fabrication shop using the template they created of your countertops. The pre-cut pieces will be brought to your house and set into place. Then, your new granite countertops will be secured in place using hardeners and silicone. 

Generally, you'll have to wait at least a day or so for everything to settle before you can reinstall your sink and appliances. Once that is done, you can start using your countertops in your new kitchen.   

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