Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

Redoing Your Bathroom? Here Are The Features Worth Investing In

Bathroom remodeling can be one of the most satisfying home renovation projects – it's a relatively inexpensive way to modernize your home and to utilize current decorating trends. Not only will a new bathroom lift your spirits, but it can make your home more attractive to buyers if you are thinking of selling in the next few years. It's also a great opportunity to add valuable features that can improve the function of the room. Whether you'll be selling soon or are in your home to stay, here are some features worth investing in.

Storage Space

With today's emphasis on reducing clutter, storage space is more important than ever. Clean, uncluttered surfaces are highly desirable, so add places to stash health and beauty aids, paper products and cleaning supplies. A small closet or linen storage area is a worthwhile investment. While open shelves are helpful, a closet will let you conceal personal items and also keep them from collecting dust. Trade the dated louvered doors and curtains for smooth laminate or wood doors that can easily be wiped clean.

Neutral Colors

If the existing bathroom fixtures feature decades-old color schemes, then new sinks and counters are a must. Pastels such as blue, pink and green are dated, and today's homeowners want neutral, naturally occurring tones. White is universally popular, as are beige, slate and sand. Granite or stone counters are worth the investment, but if your budget doesn't allow it, synthetic versions are just as good. Light and neutral colors can make small bathrooms look bigger, and they also give the appearance of cleanliness.

Contemporary Fixtures and Faucets

Chrome and brass finishes, which were popular in the 80s and 90s, now appear dated. Convert your faucets, light fixtures and hardware to brushed copper, nickel or bronze. These are 21st-century design elements that will tell people the bathroom is up-to-date. Additionally, faucets that have accumulated scale or lime deposits look old and unsanitary. Updated faucets in current styles and finishes are cheap changes that make a big difference and are well worth the money.

Good Lighting

A poorly lit bathroom can benefit from new lights over the sink as well as an overhead light. Brightly lit bathrooms look bigger and are more conducive to tasks like putting on makeup or taking medication. Well-placed lights can also make a room look more dramatic and interesting. If you plan on staying in the home through your golden years, you'll appreciate the better lighting when your eyesight declines. It's worth it to install an additional light or one that can accommodate brighter bulbs.

Ventilation and Comfort

If your bathroom does not have heaters or fans, install these extra perks during your re-do. Heaters and fans not only add comfort and luxury, but they also help to reduce humidity. Fans can help with steam after a shower and can keep mirrors clear. Installing these items while the bathroom is out of commission helps create the comfort that people are looking for in contemporary bathrooms.

Tile Floors

Carpeted bathrooms are definitely "out" in contemporary homes. Many people are concerned with the dust, dirt, mildew and bacteria that are trapped in bathroom carpets and prefer floors with washable surfaces. If tile is out of your budget, forego the carpet and install linoleum. Today's bathrooms are hygienic, simple and have few elements in which dust, mildew and germs can collect. A new, clean floor surface can be one of the most valuable features of your bathroom remodeling project.

These changes can make your bathroom a more enjoyable place to be by helping you hide the clutter, make cleaning easier and take care of your personal needs with comfort and ease. They can also go a long way in bringing your home up to date. Talk with a contractor like Patriot Construction about the changes you want to make – he or she can help you prioritize and make the most of your investment in bathroom remodeling.

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