Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

What You Need To Know About Replacing Leaded Windows

A leaded window has either a strip of lead or a strip of wood in between smaller panes, which are put together to create a bigger window. The reason that builders used this design in years past was because the smaller panes were much cheaper than larger  windows. While these windows can have a lot of character, they can be horribly inefficient. Thus, for the sake of energy efficiency, you may want to replace your windows, but for the sake of curb appeal, you may want to keep them. Luckily, there is a way to do both. 

Vinyl Leading

You can still find windows today that are made from several smaller windows except with a more efficient design. One problem with these windows is that they can be hard to clean, and they tend to not be as structurally sound as larger windows. Thus, you should look for windows that have a grid of vinyl strips in the middle of two large panes of glass. This will give you a structurally solid window that retains all of the charm of your original windows. They will also be just as easy to clean as a modern window. 

Panes of Glass

A modern pane of glass is no more energy efficient than the glass used years ago. What makes modern windows more efficient is the layer or layers of gas between the panes of glass. A double-pane window will have one layer of gas, and a triple-pane window will have two layers of gas. Unfortunately, the more panes of glass you have, the more expensive your window will be. 

Fill Gas

Most windows are filled with atmospheric air or oxygen. These options for fill gas will help to keep your installation costs low, but they will not stop energy transfer as well as noble gases such as argon and krypton. What these gases have going for them is that they are denser than air, and just as a solid masonry wall will take longer to heat up than a wooden frame wall, noble gases will slow down energy transfer through your windows. Krypton is the densest gas available for use in windows, but it is also the most expensive. For this reason, you should go with argon unless you have to cope with extreme heat or cold. 

If you live in a modern home, you don't want your replacement windows to rob your home of its historical character, but you also shouldn't have to spend a small fortune to heat and cool your home. Buying energy-efficient windows that preserve the original character of your home is the answer. 

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Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

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