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How to Easily Identify Hail Damage on a Variety of Roofs

If you live in an area that sees lots of storms, there is a good chance that you have to deal with hail at least a few times a year. Hail can damage a lot of property, from your vehicles to your roof. How the hail damage looks varies depending on what type of roofing material you have. Here is a quick overview of what hail damage looks like on the three most common types of roofing material.

#1 Wood 

If you have a wood roof, check your roof after a hail storm for white mark. When hail hits a wood roof, it leaves behind white or grey marks; it almost look like chalk lines were drawn on the roof. These lines are visible because some of the wood has been worn away by the hail. 

Sometimes, when the hail is really intense, the wood may even split or splinter. 

#2 Metal 

With a metal roof, you are going to want to look for signs of dents on your roof. Hail often leaves behind small dents that look like little small circular indentations.

It can be hard to see this visually; you can confirm the presence of these dents or divots by rubbing chalk over your metal roof. The chalk will make it easier for you to identify and spot the damage on your roof. When you rub the chalk over the roof, the chalk will stick to the flat part of your roof and will not adhere to the divots, making them visible. 

Metal roofing shingles are more likely to sustain damage from hail than long metal roofing sheets. 

#3 Asphalt

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, you may be able to spot what looks like bruises on the shingles. However, it can sometime be difficult to visible see the damage caused to your roof through a casual inspection on the ground. Generally, you are going to need to get close to see and feel the damage.

If you can get up on your roof safely, run your hand over the shingles. You should be able to feel depressions when you touch the shingles. If you press on your shingles, the shingle may feel soft or cracked, which is an obvious sign that your roof was damaged by the hail in the most recent storm.

If you think your roof was damaged in a recent hail storm, get a roofing professional like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters out to your home to confirm your suspicions and then call your insurance company. 

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