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Should You Replace Your Water Heater With A Tankless Model?

Is your traditional water heater in need of replacement sometime soon? If so, you may have considered upgrading to a new tankless model that heats up hot water on demand. It helps to know the good and bad things about a tankless model before you decide on buying one:

Tankless Water Heating: The Good

Many homeowners love tankless heaters because they take up much less space in a home. The size helps you reclaim some storage space if the current water tank is in a closet or the garage.

You'll also find that tankless models are more energy efficient than traditional water heaters. Tankless models won't waste energy keeping a large amount of water hot and ready to go, This makes a tankless model ideal for a home that has few people in it, or in a summer how that you don't occupy for many months out of the year.

Tankless models still work great for large families, since they supply endless hot water on demand. If in the past you have feared being the last person to shower in the morning with your old hot water heater, know that those days will be over if you go tankless.

Tankless Water Heating: The Bad

The big limitation to a tankless model is how much water can be heated simultaneously. Make sure you know how many showers the water heater can support simultaneously, because a cheaper model may only be able to produce enough hot water for one person showering at a time. This is great if you only have one bathroom in your home, but not ideal if you have multiple bathrooms that are used at the same time each morning.

You will also need to ventilate a tankless model to the outside of your home, so you may not be able to use existing ventilation for a direct vent water tank that you previously had. While this is not usually a problem, your local city may have laws that require ventilation pipes are far away from the property line.

Tankless models will not have the reserve tank that you are used to, so you need an energy source to heat the water in case of an emergency. This means an electric model won't heat water if the power goes out. Wit ha traditional tank, you would at least have hot water until you use it or the water cools off.

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