Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

2 Simple Ways To Get The Most Money Out Of Your Metal

If you recently remodeling your home or completed a project that left you with lots of excess metal, you can recycle the metal in order to make the most out of the metal. Recycling metal is relatively easy; by following the two tips below you'll be sure to get the right value from your metal.

#1 Get Your Metal Ready

If you want to really get a good value from your metal, you need to prepare it before you take it to a metal recycling center or scrap yard. Taking the extra time to get your metal ready will result in a higher pay-out and return for you. If you have wiring to scrap, get a tool to remove and strip the plastic casing from the wiring to expose the metal. Doing this step yourself will increase the value of your metal.

If you have a microwave to scrap, remove the motor and wiring from the microwave. This will allow you to get money not just for the steel on the outside of the microwave, but for the copper wiring inside of the microwave as well. If you have larger appliances you want to scrap, such as a refrigerator, air conditioning unit or a washer and dryer, pulling out the wiring and motor ahead of time will allow you to get money for those components as well as the steel that makes up the larger part of the unit.

#2 Sort Your Materails

Next, do not just take your materials to the scrap yard in one big old pile. Take the time to sort out your metals. Sorting your scrap metal will make them more valuable as well because you save the scrap yard from dedicating labor for sorting your metals. Put all your copper wiring together and put all of your copper tubing together. Put your electronic motors together. Sort and group similar types of metal materials together. This will allow you to more easily scrap your metal and many recycling centers and scrap yards will reward you for taking the time to properly sort your metals before you bring them in. You may even want to contact the scrap yard in advance to find out how they sort their metal so you can ensure that your metal is properly sorted.

If you have scrap metal left over from a project, take it apart and sort it before you try to recycle it if you want to get the most money possible for your scrap metal. Visit a site like for more information.

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Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

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