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Common Types of Damage Your Roof Can Encounter

Damage to your home's roof can be a particularly serious matter that will require prompt attention. Failing to rapidly respond to this type of problem can lead to a situation where routine or minor damages are allowed to greatly worsen. When it comes to overlooking potentially serious roof problems, there are a handful of issues that can be particularly common and easy for homeowners to neglect to address.

Warped or Corroded Flashing

There can be many potential sites where water could seep through the roof. In particular, this is common around edges, chimneys and windows. Preventing this from occurring is the responsibility of thin layers of flashing that will be strategically placed in these areas.

Over time, the flashing can start to corrode or warp, and this can greatly compromise its ability to protect your home. Addressing these issues will require you to regularly inspect the flashing to verify that it is in good condition. Ideally, these inspections should be done yearly or whenever you start to notice that there are visual issues with the flashing.

Damaged Tiles or Shingles

The tile and shingles that cover your roof may be among the most noticeable features of this part of your home. These coverings will help to protect the underlying structural supports of the roof, but they can be prone to suffering wear and tear. Over time, these issues can lead to the tiles or shingles becoming too compromised to prevent water and other substances from damaging the roof. As a result, it will be necessary to replace these coverings on a set schedule. However, the exact frequency of this maintenance work will vary depending on the type of covering that is used.

For example, those that have traditional asphalt shingles on their roofs may find that they need this work done more frequently than those that have stone tiles. In addition to the role that the type of material used will play, the local climate and environment will also play a role. For example, those that live near bodies of saltwater may need this work to be done more frequently due to the damaging effects the salt can have.

Compromised Roof Supports

The roof of a home can be an extremely heavy part of the structure. This will require a series of structural supports to be put in place to help keep the roof stable. Rot is one of the more common sources of the structural supports becoming damaged. As a result, it is important to appreciate the need to quickly patch any suspected roof leaks and to have the structural integrity of the roof inspected when leaks are found.

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