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4 Tips To Improve Drainage And Reduce Rot Of Pole Framed Buildings

In rural areas, one of the most affordable forms of construction are pole barns, which are sturdy, can be quickly erected, and last for generations. With pole barns, the nature of their construction makes them susceptible to drainage and water problems that can cause damage to the structure. With improvements like using treated posts in certain areas or laying a gravel floor, you will be able to avoid many of the water problems with pole barn construction. Here are some tips to help improve drainage and reduce the rot problems of post frame buildings:

1. Raising the Grade of Construction Area for Improved Watershed

Often, post framed structures are built in a large flat area, which is sometimes lower and susceptible to flooding. Raising the footprint of the structure with back-fill, and then a layer of gravel, will help to prevent problems with flooding and keep water out of the building.

2. Using Treated Timber and Seats for Main Posts of The Structure

One of the problems with pole barns is that the posts that are used to erect the structure meet the soil. This can lead to problems with wood rot, fungus, and insects inside. To prevent this problem, make sure all the main posts are treated and consider using post seats set in concrete to ensure timbers are not in contact with the moist surrounding soils.

3. Using Gravel Floors for Open Spaces and Better Drainage of Pole Barns

Most pole barns are used for things like agricultural and livestock purposes, or even to store heavy machinery. The floors in these buildings are often dirt or a thin layer of gravel. To improve the drainage inside a post framed structure, use a sufficient layer of gravel for the floor to allow water to drain and prevent problems with puddles and standing water inside the structure.

4. Floor Drainage Systems for Finished Spaces of Post Frame Structures

There may also be areas of a pole barn where you want to have finished floors. These may be something as simple as a concrete slab for office or shop space, or even a living space inside the structure. Floor drainage grates and pipes should be installed in and around these areas to allow any excess water that gets in a way out.

These are some tips that can help improve post framed construction and prevent drainage and water problems. If you need a new building, contact a pole barn contractor for help with your project.

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