Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

Change Your Window Weatherstripping

If your movable window fixtures are cold and drafty, even when they are closed and locked, they might need to be repaired. However, it is even more likely that they simply need to have their weatherstripping replaced. Weatherstripping is usually made out of felt or rubber. Both materials can wear down and become less effective over time. In fact, you should expect that your windows will become drafty, even if your weatherstripping seems to be intact. For instance, felt weatherstripping can become flattened, especially on sliding windows, so it simply doesn't create an airtight seal anymore.

Before you worry about making any major repairs to your windows, you should try to replace the weatherstripping. This is an easy DIY project that doesn't cost much money but can certainly help to increase the installation of your windows, saving you a bit of cash.

You should probably just replace your weatherstripping with whatever type you currently have. Felt weatherstripping is more common on sliding windows because it has less friction than rubber. Both products usually come with adhesive backing. There are long rolls that can be easily cut to length and attached to pretty much any surface.

Start with a Clean Surface

Usually, the most difficult part of this job is cleaning your existing surface after removing the weatherstripping. Your old weatherstripping, even though it is worn down, is probably still firmly stuck to the window. You can try scraping it off, using a combination of degreasers and cleaning supplies to remove all of the adhesive gunk. This part of the project might require a fair bit of elbow grease. Just make sure that your surface is clean and dry before trying to apply the new weatherstripping.

Don't Cut the Stripping

One important thing you need to do is to try and not cut the weatherstripping. That is, for the four sides of a normal window, you don't want to cut four separate pieces. You get the best results if you simply bend the weatherstripping and push it into the corners without cutting it. If you can just use one long piece bent at the corners, not only will your seal be more airtight, it will also be more permanent and less likely to peel up at the edges.

The great thing about this project is that he can cost you less than $20 to redo several windows. However, it can save you much more than this after just a couple months. For more information on finding impact windows in your area, contact your local window installation service. 

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Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

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