Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

Things To Know About Getting Replacement Windows

Old windows can be a constant source of frustration. They let in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. That makes it hard to operate an HVAC system efficiently, and your rooms may never be entirely comfortable. When your windows are rotting, leaky, or not energy efficient, then it's time to have replacement windows installed. Here's a look at some things you may want to know.

Choose Replacement Windows Based On Size

You buy replacement windows based on size because they fit into the openings of your current windows. While you'll need windows with the same dimensions, you don't have to get the same style. If you have old aluminum jalousie windows now, you can replace them with vinyl double-hung windows for a completely new look.

The Work Might Take Multiple Days

A crew is efficient at installing new windows, and if you have a small house on a single level, the work might be done in a single day. However, if your home has an upper level or if it has a lot of windows, then expect the work to take multiple days. When your windows are replaced, it's usually a process of taking out the old ones and putting in the new ones as the work progresses rather than taking out all the old ones at once, so it shouldn't be necessary to board up the windows unless rain or some other event stops the work.

Put New Windows In Before New Siding

If you're planning to renovate with new siding too, then it's usually best to put the replacement windows in first and then install the siding later. This is important to know if you're thinking about installing siding soon and plan to wait a few months before you get new windows. Be sure to discuss your plans with the contractor so you make the right choice. Replacement windows can be installed after new siding is put on, but it may be necessary to cut into the siding to do so.

Vinyl Is A Popular Choice For New Windows

If you've never replaced your windows, you may wonder if you should stay with the same frame material or not. You'll probably want to upgrade the glass and frames to more energy efficient materials. If you have a historic house, you may want to stay with wood frames, but many homeowners opt for vinyl now since it is so easy to care for and it lasts a long time. In addition to considering vinyl, think about your options in glass that might include double panes and tinting for optimal energy efficiency.

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Making Your Front Porch More Inviting

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