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Basement Bathroom Additions, Sewer Pumps, And Repair Issues

Having a basement bathroom is a very nice extra feature in your home, especially if you have frequent guests or you have lots of kids. However, these basement bathrooms require their own sewer pump system, and there may be some repair issues now or in the future. Here is why you need the pump in the first place as well as what you can expect in terms of repair issues for this particular bathroom in your home. 

Why a Basement Bathroom Needs a Sewer Pump 

Solid waste requires pressure to move. When you place a toilet below the downhill grade of your home's sewer line, the waste is less likely to move without sufficient pressure or a vacuum. You need a sewer pump to move the waste along. 

Where the Pump Is Located Creates the First Repair Issue

Sewer pumps for basement bathrooms have to be located near the toilet, and quite often the pump is buried under a slab of concrete that doubles as the basement bathroom's floor. If there is trouble with the pump, the sewer pump repair contractor has to use a concrete slab saw to remove a chunk of the floor, and then excavate through the soil to the pump and pipe system. Once the pump and connected pipes are exposed, the contractor can get a clearer picture of what might be wrong (e.g., pump is old and worn out, tree roots are wrapped around the pump and/or the pipeline, etc.). Then the contractor can repair the pump (if it is not too old), or replace it for a newer one if necessary. If there are issues with the attached pipes, then the contractor can fix those as well while he/she has the system fully exposed. 

The Distance from Pump to Toilet and Pump to Main Sewer Line Could Also Be a Problem

If your basement bathroom is particularly old, your sewer pump may be equally as old. That means that the very last time this current pump was installed, indoor plumbing may have been too new to understand how it works, or that modern plumbing engineering has made dramatic advances. A sewer pump that was installed too far from the toilet may not be any more helpful now, and a pump that is installed too far from the main sewer line may have a similar issue. Your pump repair contractor can provide you with some options on how to fix this issue. To learn more, contact a company like Forrest Sewer Pump Service.

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